A Hairy Day On The Farm

Even though we woke up to snow this morning (really, Weather Gods?!) spring is on its way, and we are seeing the signs here on our little piece of paradise.

The big forsythia bush in the front yard is almost ready to bloom.

Forsythia Branch

The tulips are coming up by the barn.


And the horses are shedding. Like crazy.

Hairy Mare

So yesterday we decided to have a “horse grooming day.”

Annabelle went out before I did to catch the horses. She insisted on wearing her new pajamas from Costco.  She loves pajamas very deeply.

When I went outside there was no sign of Annabelle or the horses.

This is where I found her. Anyone surprised?

Caught in the Act

We caught the horses and got started.

Brush G Face

Annabelle worked from head to tail.

Tail Brush

Zach rode around on his sister’s four wheeler looking for mud.  He found a little.

Zach 4 Wheel Mud

That was fun until Winston jumped up and stole his hat.

Winston Hat

Then he just got off and played with the hair.

Zach Gathers Hair

Winston also spent some time stealing our brushes.  That pup has a serious oral fixation.

Winston Brush

Aunt Susie dropped by for a little visit and she helped brush too. It was great to see her.

Aunt Susie

When we were finished, Grumpy had a very artfully braided/knotted tail.  It took Annabelle about fifteen minutes to put it in.  I’m not sure how long it will take to get it out.

Tail Braid

Happy first day of spring everyone!

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5 thoughts on “A Hairy Day On The Farm

  1. Susan S

    I had forgotten how much the hair ends up everywhere…..I was brushing it off myself all evening. 🙂 I have to tell everyone….the tail picture does not do Annabelle’s handiwork justice….lol Aunt Susie

  2. shane

    When Horsecrazy is done with yours….she can come over and start on Bugsy Malone!

  3. Michele

    This snow is the pits! Glad you got the main shedding done before it hit! Wet clumpy horses are not pretty… Loved seeing your hairy day! Tomorrow should be perfect for horsing around with some very cute kids I know!!

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