Rocket Man

Sunday was my nephew’s sixth birthday.  Isn’t he the cutest little thing?

Happy Birthday Hat

My brother and sister-in-law graciously brought him and his older sister over to celebrate at our house.

Handsome Hubby was literally beside himself with excitement.  He had planned some special entertainment for the afternoon.  He and Batman had been working on the entertainment all week long, in fact.

Batman Cousin

The entertainment was a rocket named “Big Bertha.”  Handsome Hubby and Batman had painstakingly built and painted the rocket over the course of a few days.  Little Nephew was accorded first honors of setting off the rocket.


I have to say I am pretty proud of this picture.  This is the smoke from the rocket launch. Cool, huh?

Rocket Smoke

The rocket went way, way up, then descended lazily over our lawn.

Rocket Drifts

And into the neighbor’s cattle pasture.

Running to get Rocket

The boys thought it was great fun to be lifted over the fence to race to the rocket landing site.  They picked it up as a joint effort.

Picking up Rocket

Then happily carried it back.

Walking two

We had so much fun that Handsome Hubby had to reload the engine to shoot it off again.  And again.

Dad Engine

On the last launch, Handsome Hubby actually caught the rocket as it landed.  I am not kidding.  He caught it. This is an actual picture. Of the actual catch.  Again, I’m not kidding. I am on a photo shooting roll here (hee hee).

Dad catches Rocket

He is awesome.

Then we went into the house and had these magnificent birthday cupcake-ice-cream cones.  My very creative sister-in-law made these.

They are an actual cupcake baked in an actual ice cream cone.

Bare Cupcake

My beautiful and artistic niece then decorated them.


When they were done, they looked like this.

Finished Cupcake

They were delicious.  I had two.

Happy Birthday Dear Nephew.

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2 thoughts on “Rocket Man

  1. Susan S

    Looks like you had a magical afternoon. I’m sure the kids were all very excited about being part of a Jr NASA Team, 🙂

  2. Shelley Goodrich-Barrutia

    In regards to Rocket Man…’s nice to see that handsome hubby has continued the long traditions of shooting rockets. He use to take me with him so he had someone that would run and find them once they went up and out of sight!

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