A Visit From Dr. Danny

Last week the kids were excited to have our good friend and veterinarian Dr. Danny Borders come over for supper.  They love Dr. Danny and clamor to sit on his lap and ask him all sorts of questions about horses and dogs and whatever else pops into their heads.

I like to ask him questions too, but he is much more patient with their questions than he is mine.  I guess I can’t blame him.

Dr. Danny had been here for just a few minutes when he announced he had a surprise for all of us.  He told Annabelle to go out and catch Grumpy, and he pulled his vet truck around to the back of the house.

Zach had to get shoes and a coat on, since he was already in his pajamas.  This picture has nothing to do with the story, but check out my baby Batman’s choice of footwear and jacket.

This is a little man obviously confident in his manhood.

Zach Fashion

The kids brought Grumpy around and we found out the surprise.

Kids with Grumpy

Dr. Danny had gotten his brand new digital x-ray machine, and he was going to demo it on Grumpy.  This was super cool to the kids, because they have been studying anatomy, and are fascinated by bones and how the body stays together and stands up and all that stuff.

Sister-in-Law Mel was over for a visit, and she was put into service holding the x-ray plate.

Doing Knee

The state of the art machine snapped a picture of Grumpy’s knee, and just like magic it appeared instantly on the computer screen.  The kids were impressed.  Me too.

Mel Vet Tech

Grumpy’s knee looked great.

Look at Knee2

Dr. Danny showed us a couple of pictures he had taken of a foot that he had injected earlier that day.


We were happy to share Dr. Danny’s new toy for a little while. 

By the way, if you are a horse owner in the Treasure Valley, this is a super neat tool that is fully mobile and can be at your barn door with just a phone call.  The applications of this awesome technology are many.  It’s great for lameness exams, injections, traumatic injury analysis and pre-purchase exams, to name a few.  The image quality is superior to what you find in-house at most veterinarians, and you don’t even have to put your horse in the trailer.

I know this is a shameless plug for Dr. Danny, but he has been our horse vet for the past 12 years, and practicing equine medicine for over 21 years.  He has taken care of our equine friends from births to (sadly) deaths, and never been less than compassionate and professional. I recommend him whole-heartedly.

Dr. Danny also performs many other farm-based services. He did all of our horses’ teeth last fall.  He can perform advanced equine dentistry right on site.

Grumpy Teeth

He also does all of our other routine preventative maintenance such as shots and worming.  His truck is equipped with a digital ultrasound machine, and he can perform on-site reproductive services as well as minor surgery.  Best of all, you generally pay no more for him to come to you than if you haul your horse into a veterinary facility.

If you are interested in any of Dr. Danny’s services, you can reach him at 208-989-0359.  Although I just call him Dr. Danny, his real name is Danny Borders, DVM, of Borders Equine Clinic. He specializes in mobile veterinary services.

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