Blondes With Guns

Once a month I get together with a group of girls to shoot at the Impact Guns range in Boise.  I am a newcomer to the group; the other women have been getting together to practice their marksmanship for years.

Yes, I know the glasses look ridiculous.

Paula Shoots

The group was created and organized by my super-cool friend Christine.  Christine is a phenomenal woman in so many ways.  In fact, she is so cool that I am going to devote a whole blog post to her awesomeness, just as soon as I can figure out how to capture the essence of it in less than a couple thousand words. 

This is Christine.

Christine Shoots

Last night there were just the three of us shooting.  In the months since I have been privileged to join the girls our shooting numbers have ranged from five or six to our small select group last night.

We call Tawny the “Charlie’s Angel” of the group.

Tawny Shoots

We generally get a couple of lanes at the range on Ladies’ Night and fire away.  There is always a plethora of weaponry to sample between all the shooters. I shoot a Hi-Point .45 most usually, which is remarkably reliable and accurate for an inexpensive gun. 

Christine always has a selection of weapons with her. I enjoy shooting her .22 revolver the most of any of the guns because it is so friendly and has no kick at all.  She often has to help me when we shoot, because my ROTC days are long behind me, and I can’t always remember all of the steps required to get the gun up and running to start my marksmanship practice.

Last night I reloaded my clip with the bullets backwards.  Yep, backwards.  When I couldn’t get the clip back in the gun Christine came to the rescue.  I can be such a dork.  But that’s why we practice.

Yes, I know the glasses look ridiculous.

Paula Target

After we were finished we had the nice guy at the front desk take our picture.  Don’t we look tough?

Blondes with Guns

When we are all finished practicing we caravan to a local establishment for snacks and liquid refreshments.  That is more than half the fun.

Target Door

The moral of the story is this:  Don’t ever come after me in a dark alley.  I just might shoot you.

If you give me a minute.

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