Millie the Mule

I am borrowing this story from my dear friend Shane. 

When Shane was a little kid her grandpa had an old mule named Millie.  Millie lived in the pasture at grandpa’s.

This isn’t Millie.  But it is a mule.


One summer the kids got a hankering to ride old Millie.  With no way to catch, bridle or saddle the mule, the kids had to figure out a way to get on.

Each kid picked up a brick.  They ran to the pasture and up to Millie.

While Millie stood patiently, each kid would stack his or her brick up beside Millie.  When the bricks got tall enough, it would be one kid’s turn to climb on. 

The problem was that as soon as the bricks got tall enough, Millie would move.  Just a few steps away, far enough that all the bricks had to be picked up and moved again, one by one.

Occasionally, Old Millie would stand still long enough for a kid to get on. 

That’s what kept them going.  Shane said they played that game with the mule all summer long.

I think this is a cute story about kids, and a good analogy about life. 

Have a good Monday everyone. 

Just keep moving the bricks.

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