Ye Olde Renaissance Fair

This past weekend the kids and I made a visit to the Renaissance Fair that was held on Eagle Island State Park where we often go to ride our horses.  The park looked quite a bit different that day. 

We had persuaded Aunt Mel to join us, and she was a great addition to our day, as always.

RF Aunt Mel and Annie

We entered Ye Olde Fair through a big castle entrance beside the bridge.  Oh, it just occurred to me… a moat.  Yeah, that’s it.  A moat.  Duh.

RF Entrance

We walked around to get the lay of the land and decide what to do.  The first performance we came to was the belly dancing. I really admired the self-confidence of the dancers and how they could move their bodies. You couldn’t get me up there in those outfits, that’s for sure. 

Unless I was drunk.

RF Belly Dancers

Next we ran into Captain Jack Sparrow.  A lot of the kids were standing beside him to get their picture taken.  My kids were afraid of him so I couldn’t persuade them to get close enough for a photo.

I kinda wanted to ask if I could sit on his lap, but I was too shy.  Plus, he was standing up, so that woulda been a little weird.

RF Pirate

It was almost time for the sword fighting exhibition to take place, so we high-tailed it over to the sword fighting arena.  Aunt Mel took a picture of me and the kids.  Have I ever mentioned that I sometimes have problems with my camera adjusting itself to take different types of photos?

I thought this looked kind of cool anyway.

RF Pink Family

There were all manners of sword fighters competing for the hand of a princess character that we never actually saw.  They were fairly entertaining for awhile.

RF Sword Fight

They came in all different outfits.  Although they probably don’t call them outfits.

RF Sword Cape Guy

They got down in the dirt and pummeled each other.  I thought for a minute it was my kids, but then I saw that they had dark hair.  Whew.

RF Sword Brawl

Not long into the sword fighting our good friends Kari, Kampbell and Kade arrived.  Batman and Annabelle were thrilled.  They loooooove Kampbell and Kade.  They think they are their cousins, which I guess they kind of are, in a virtual sort of way.

Isn’t Kari cute?  People always think we are sisters.  I find that very flattering.

RF Kari

We headed right on over the face painting booth, where the kids spent several minutes deciding on which face design to choose.

RF Kids at Face Painting

Annabelle and Kampbell got matching princess tiaras. They looked adorable.

RF Kampbell an Annabelle

Kade went for a spider on his arm.  Quite real looking.  Kinda creepy. 

RF Kade's Spider Arm

Batman signed up for the half-monster face complete with scales.  He didn’t really enjoy the application process much.

RF Batman Monster Face

When it was finished, though, he seemed very happy with the results.

RF Batman Mirror

Once we finished face painting we headed off for a nutritious snack.  OK, not nutritious.  But tasty.

RF Kids Eat Cotton Candy

When cotton candy was done, we circled back around for a little puppet show at the theatre.  The kids all squeezed onto one bench.  So cute!

RF Kids onBench

Next on the agenda was an activity that Batman had spied from the face painting chair and had been hounding me for ever since. 

The rope bridge walk. 

Batman went first, and he took his time.  He was very cautious about each step he made with his cowboy boots.  Probably not the most appropriate rope-walking footwear.  But he made it.  Then he wanted to do it again.

The guy standing on the other side of the bridge helping Batman was my date, since Desperate Hubby was fishing.  Oh wait, no, he was a Boy Scout that they called to help Batman make it safely across.

What is wrong with me?  First Jack Sparrow and now a Boy Scout!  Sheesh.

RF Batman on Rope

Kade went next.  He jumped up on that rope and cruised across like he had done it his whole life.

RF Kade on Rope

Kampbell was third in the rotation.  She concentrated carefully, and walked quickly across.

RF Kampbell Rope

Last but not least my little Annabelle crossed.  She was confident and walked as fast as she could wearing her cowboy boots, with a big smile on her face the whole way.  She probably enjoyed it the most of all the kids.

RF Annie Rope

Next on the agenda was a vaulting exhibition held next to the jousting arena.

RF Vaulters

Betcha can’t guess which kid didn’t wander away in disinterest after two or three minutes.

Annabelle watched and watched, until it was all done. Then she insisted we follow the riders to ask if they could teach her how to do it.  I am sure she had it in mind that she’d be standing tall on Reno’s back by the end of the day.

RF Annie watch Vaulters

The vaulters very graciously answered all her questions, and told her that yes, they did give lessons at their stable.  Unfortunately, they are a quite a ways away from us, so I don’t think we’ll make it this summer.  I just pray that Annabelle doesn’t try an ad hoc rendition by herself.

After our action packed day, we had time for one more event.  We headed over to the Kid’s Arts and Crafts tent for a nice calming last activity.

RF Annie Kampbell Table

Annabelle and Kampbell made picture frame wands.  At least that’s what I think they were.

RF Annabelle wand

Kade and Batman focused on Pirate Flags.  They spent a long time picking out just the right items to place on their flags.

RF Batman and Kade at Table

Batman went for the monochromatic theme.


When it was all over we were gluey, sweaty, hot and tired.  We were happy to get in our air-conditioned car and head home.

It was a great day of fun and new experiences. 

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