Short Sports Week Three: Baseball

In week three of Short Sports, the featured activity was baseball.  Batman was very excited to bring his new little plastic mitt.  And wear it on the wrong hand, over his face.

SS Batman Mitt on Face

After some stretching, the kids all paired up and made a line across from their partner to play catch.  The kids didn’t match up evenly, so Batman got to play with the coach, Troy.

My baby boy was in his element.  Ever since he was a tiny lad, he has loved to play ball.  He and Troy threw the ball back and forth.  Batman caught it almost every single time.

It was impressive.

SS Zach Catches

Annabelle and her partner had a little trouble, both in the throwing and catching department.

SS Annie Throws

After tossing the ball back and forth for several minutes, the kids switched to “batting” practice.

Annabelle took the show here.  She stepped up to the cone and hit her three balls one right after the other.

She was so fast I she was practically a blur.  I guess actually she was.

SS Annie Bats

Batman had a little trouble with the batting.  He can hit a ball thrown to him at home with no problem.  In fact, he will spend an hour out in the yard throwing a ball up with one hand and hitting it with the bat in the other hand.  It is amazing to watch.

Here, though, he had to swing a few times before he connected with the ball.

Maybe it’s because he was looking the other way.  I don’t know.

SS Batman Bats

Once the batting practice was over and everyone went potty and got a drink, the kids headed over to the real baseball diamond to play a “game.”

They all lined up to run around the bases first.


Annabelle sprinted the whole way.  She does love to run.

SS Annie Runs Bases

Batman was so enthusiastic that he got back in line, and before the coach noticed he actually ran around the bases again.  That’s a long run for little four year old legs.

SS Batman Bases

They batted again.

SS Annie Bats Helmet

And chased the ball around the in-field like a herd of wild gazelle.  It was pretty good watching.


When we were all finished we went across the street to the playground.  I pushed Batman on the swing for almost half an hour.  He didn’t want to leave. 

I finally got him back in the car with a promise of McDonalds.  I’m not proud of it, but it worked.

Next week in Short Sports is swimming week.  Splish Splash!

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