Desperate Hubby Walks Again!

Yesterday was Desperate Hubby’s milestone check-up for the foot surgery he had done April 26 of this year.  For the past twelve weeks he has been confined to the use of crutches. While he has been a really good sport about the crutches for the most part, we were both ready for this episode in our lives to be over.

I watched him walk on his crutches into the doctor’s office for what I hoped would be his last visit, and reflected on the fact that if the x-rays showed that he wasn’t in fact ready to walk again I would run as fast as I could to the car and drive away.  That would not make DH happy and I wanted to avoid the immediate aftermath.

Last Crutch Walk

Once we got inside the wait was interminable.  The doctor was way behind, and the x-ray technician had people waiting in every chair outside her door.  We waited nearly two hours before we got anything done.

Still, we were happy to be there.  DH didn’t even get impatient.  Well, not TOO impatient.

Waiting for XRay

Finally the x-rays were completed and Dr. Hirosi came in to give the results.  First he did a physical exam of the foot.  He felt and pushed and prodded, saying “Does this hurt?  Does this?”

Desperate Hubby answered no to each question.

Dr Hirosi

Then the big moment arrived.  Time for the x-ray results.

Good XRay

Dr. Hirosi pulled them up and said…..drum roll please…..”Your x-rays are DYNAMITE!”  The joint fusion had fully calcified, and the bone density appeared stronger than even the bones in the rest of the foot.  Hurray!

DH is back on his feet in a regular shoe.  The doctor gave him the option of physical therapy, but said that he could also just……start walking.  Of course DH chose the latter.  Wouldn’t you?

DH immediately went home and put on his right tennis shoe, loaded up his guitar and headed off to band practice.  When he got home he said his foot had given him no pain whatsoever.  He can’t wait to get on the treadmill.

It is good now and again to have a reset in your life that reminds you not to take the little things (like walking and having your husband to the dishes) for granted.  We’ve had our reset for the year, and are certainly thankful we are on the other side of it!

I’ll keep you posted on DH’s progress.

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