Bumpy Grumpy

Last week the kids and I were rushing to feed the horses after swimming lessons so we could go run a couple of errands before bedtime.  I drove out to the pens and left the kids playing in the car while I dashed over to throw some hay to the hungry critters.

As I approached Grumpy’s pen I noticed a very definite problem.

Grumpy Was Bumpy.

Very Bumpy.

BG Side

Annabelle’s wonderful old horse was broken out in hives from head to toe. 

And his head was swollen all over in an alarming manner.  He could hardly open his eyes.

BG Head

He still seemed very hungry though, so I gave him some hay before I ran back to the car to call Dr. Danny.  Grumpy proceeded to eat as though there was nothing in the world wrong with him.  He’s a champion.

Dr. Danny answered my call promptly, and with the promise of a steak dinner and a cocktail, he said he’d be right over.  He’s also a champion.

We reconfigured our plans for the evening, which made Annabelle happy.  She loves Dr. Danny better than most people.  Probably including me.

Dr. Danny arrived an hour or so later.  He said this time of year was rife with hives and swollen-ness, and that oftentimes it was impossible to figure out what caused the problem.  He gave Grumpy a shot of steroids, and we all headed into the house to eat dinner. 

Danny’s new girlfriend Dee joined us for the evening, which made the kids even more excited.  They love her too.

After dinner we went back out to check on Grumpy.  He had made a remarkable improvement already.

BG Improved

His bumps had gone down, but not disappeared entirely.

BG Better

The next morning Grumpy looked completely normal.  Not a bump or swelling in sight. 

Today is the last day of his medicine.  We’ve put him on a total grass hay diet, which he’s not too thrilled about, but he has stayed bump-free.

Keep your finger’s crossed for him!

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