Miss Emma’s Tea Party

Last week was my sweet niece Emma’s 10th birthday.  I can’t believe she is already ten.  And so grown up.  My oh my how time flies!

This is beautiful Emma.  This picture is from the end of the party.  She doesn’t usually wear feather tiaras and heavy eye makeup.  Or carry a wand.

But she could if she wanted to.  I think she pulled it off nicely.

EB Pairs 5

Emma’s birthday party was held at a lovely little restaurant in Meridian called Miss Tami’s Cottage & Tea Room.  Miss Tami’s Cottage is a darling Victorian-themed house-turned-restaurant with a nice selection of shopping in the front foyer.

Emma got to choose five friends to invite to her party, and Annabelle was excited to be one of them.  The girls got started with a little crafting while they waited for the last guest to arrive.  They made little door hangers with their names on them.  Annabelle decorated hers with dragonflies and flowers and it hangs on the outside of her room.

EB Arts and Crafts 2

After the crafting was done the party got down to business.  The guests all got big-girl makeup applied.

EB Girl's Makeup

And their nails painted a beautiful glittery silver.

EB Nails Done

Annabelle looked just like a teenager when she was finished.  Well, not really. But like a more grown-up version of a five-year old, anyway.

EB Makeup Finished

After the primping was finished Emma got to pick out jewelry for each of her guests to complete their outfit.

EB Jewelry

The girls were outfitted with tiaras,  treated to their own bottles of body spray and given a lesson on applying it (spray in the air, then walk through it). They were given wands.

Then they were doused with Fairy Dust.  That was pretty funny.

EB Getting Fairy Dust

Once the transformations were complete, everyone went outside to the lovely backyard and we did a photo shoot.

Aren’t they all so beautiful?

EB Girls in Gazebo

Annabelle and Emma posed together.

EB Pairs One

When we were done with pictures, the girls got to spend a little time playing with bubbles in the backyard, then we headed back inside for a tea party.

The tea party was very elaborate.  There were even little sandwiches shaped like shoes.

EB Shoe Sandwiches

And the girls were given a tutorial on the origin of the traditional High Tea Party.  They were given instructions on how to politely serve themselves and their friends at a tea party.

They listened raptly.


I learned something from this party too.  I learned that when you are having tea with someone you should always serve them before yourself, and it is a sign of friendship to never let their tea-cup run dry.

I had heard this rule applied to drinking sake, but I didn’t know it applied to tea too.

I am such a heathen.

This is Rhonda, Emma’s grandma.  Although I guess we are not technically family members anymore, she is one of the funniest and nicest women I know.  Even though we hadn’t seen each other in a few years before this party it felt like just yesterday.  Emma and her little brother Benson are so lucky to have her and her awesome husband Jeff in their lives.

Rhonda and I also almost share a birthday.  Of course she is much older than I am.


EB Rhonda

We had to leave the party a little early so that Annabelle could get to swimming lessons, but my little girl was so happy that she got to be with her cousin and the other girls for most of the festivities.  She brought home a big bag of party favors, including her makeup and nail polish, lip gloss and body spray.  She felt very grown up.

And looked it, can I say again?

EB A closeup

Kudos on a great party Emma!  And happy birthday all over again.

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