A Kindergarten Update

I have had several inquiries this week as to how my little Annabelle is coming along with her kindergarten career.  I have to say that the results are mixed.  Our drop off yesterday went much more smoothly than last week, with nary a tear when I left.  A small quivering lip was all that could be seen to show she was still a little uncomfortable.  At pick up time she said she had an excellent day and met some new friends.

Today was a different story.  I took her back to the playground so she could line up with her class, and we had barely gotten inside the gate when she grabbed my arm in a death grip and started crying.  I put her in line and tried to walk away.

She cried louder.  I told her I loved her and I had to leave now.

She clung to me.

I dragged her a few feet, then walked her back to her line.  She begged me to wait until her teacher arrived.  Mrs. Martinez arrived at just that perfect moment and I walked Annabelle to her.  She took my little girl’s hand and held her in line.

I could hear her quiet sobs as Batman and I walked away.   Annabelle’s, not Mrs. Martinez’s.

More updates to follow.

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One thought on “A Kindergarten Update

  1. Marcie

    Oh how that tears at your heart! Malia started preschool last week and we still haven’t gotten a no tear drop off. No one told me that this would be the hardest part of parenting!!!!

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