Off to the Circus

Week before last, the kids and I joined our friends Kade, Kampbell and Kari for a trip to the circus.  Barnum & Bailey and The Ringling Brothers were performing at the Idaho Center, and it was a rare opportunity to take in some great entertainment without having to travel far.  I knew the kids would enjoy the circus, and thought I probably would too, but it seemed like an awful lot of work to get the chores done, kids picked up and changed, and drive over to Nampa on a Friday night after a long week of work and school. 

Of course by work I mean Desperate Hubby getting up early every morning and heading into the office, and by school I mean driving Annabelle and Batman to their respective places of education and then picking them up again that afternoon, but it is tiring watching them go through all that effort.

After meeting for a quick dinner at TGI Fridays, we traversed to the Idaho Center, made our way through the PETA protestors outside (seriously, people) and found our  seats.  We were right in the middle of the aisle, just a few rows up from the bottom, and had a perfect view of the ring.

This might be a good time to mention that I forgot my camera in my hasty rush out the door, and had to take pictures with my cell phone, which apparently leaves much to be desired in the photography department.  Sorry. 

From the very beginning the kids were mesmerized by the activity.


When the lights went out to start the show, Batman climbed on my lap and leaned into me.  I kissed his cheek, and he smiled in delight.  

“This is soooo cool Mom!  I LOVE the circus!”  he stated.  It was a phrase he was to repeat over and over during the course of the night.  

The first animal act was horses, ponies and camels, performing an intricate and beautifully choreographed dance routine of sorts, each interacting with the other in perfect timing and showmanship.

It struck me how well taken care of the animals seemed.  The horses were fat and shiny, and the camels were, well, camels.


This horse danced by himself, and even did the moonwalk to a Michael Jackson song.


After each trick the handler gave the horses and camels a little treat. The treat looked like baby carrots from where we were sitting.  The animals seemed to truly enjoy their jobs.

There were all the usual suspects you would see at a circus, including the trapeze artists, which greatly impressed Annabelle.


My very poor picture quality makes this next picture look like something that does not belong on a G-rated Blog, but it actually is of a couple of gymnasts who performed various acts of strength on top of a platform on stage. 

Wait, that didn’t sound any better. 

Suffice to say that Batman was very impressed by this act, and he kept whispering “Mom!  Look how strong they are!  She is so strong!! I bet she is even stronger than you!”  Ah, the misconceptions of youth.


The act that really stole the show for us was the elephants.  These majestic beasts were truly amazing to watch.  They were impeccably trained and again, really seemed to enjoy their jobs.


During a break we went outside and bought toys from the circus toy people.  Annabelle picked out a bright spinning light flashlight thingy with an elephant on top, which lasted just long enough to practically blind me in the car on the way home and hasn’t worked since.

Batman picked a lighted sword which, although plastic, turned out to be quite intimidating in my four-year old’s hands.  The dog hid behind the couch immediately upon seeing the toy and didn’t come out for two days.  The lights in the dagger were apparently not any more well-made than the ones in Annabelle’s toy, and they were totally dead by the next morning.

The sword has since mysteriously disappeared.

The end.

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