Update on Chic the Wonder Horse

I want to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who prayed, thought good thoughts and sent well wishes the way of our friend Chic.  It is working!

Annabelle and I stopped by the vet clinic last weekend to visit Chic on our way home from a ride at Eagle Island.  After what seemed like an eternity of stall confinement, Chic was finally able to go for short walks around the property to stretch his legs and eat a nibble of grass.  Annabelle was more than happy to do the walking on this sunny Sunday afternoon.

I was so excited to see Chic actually mobile again that I shot this short video of him on his amble.  Look at him go!

Chic on a Short Walkabout


Chic is wearing special shoes on his front feet called Soft Ride Boots.  They are designed to cushion his feet and reduce the stress of putting extra weight on his good foot and leg.  Kris calls them “clown shoes’ and I think that’s a good description.

Annabelle led Chic over to the grassy area in front of the clinic and immediately went to work on some grooming.

This is a girl who has Show Sheen and is not afraid to use it.

First Some Show Sheen

She sprayed and brushed his tail until it absolutely glistened.

Brushing Tail

Then she went to work on his mane.  She had to groom carefully to avoid the I.V. catheter that was stitched in his neck for him to receive his antibiotics and other medicines.

Mane All Clean

When she finished the mane, she went back to the tail again and did a nice braid job.

Braiding Tail

Once Chic was all shined up, another little walk was in order.  I could tell that our favorite gentleman was really enjoying his time in the fresh air and sunshine.

Going for a Walk

Chic’s coat is a little dull from weeks in a stall, and he’s lost some weight that he didn’t need to, but he has that same old “I love life!” shine in his eyes that he’s always had.  It is so good to see.

Chic will finish up his I.V. antibiotics today.  He received a treatment with a drug called Tildren on Tuesday, and it is hoped that the Tildren will help resolve the bone cyst that had developed on his damaged joint.

If everything goes as planned, Chic may get to go home as early as tomorrow afternoon.  We are so looking forward to seeing him out in his pasture again, hanging out with his buddies and lounging around.  With a little bit of luck he can spend many more years doing just that.

Thanks for all your support, and please keep sending positive vibes Chic’s way.

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One thought on “Update on Chic the Wonder Horse

  1. Michele

    Thanks for the update! He has been on my mind and I almost called you today then saw the blog update! Awesome news, glad he’s doing better!

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