Christmas 2012: The Elf “Makes Friends”

As the days progress towards Christmas, our resident Elf, Sparkles, continues to amuse herself around the house.

One day last week she made a jump rope zip-line and slid toward the tree.

Headed for the Tree

Well, actually she WOULD have slid toward the tree if she weren’t, well, stapled to the jump rope.  Ouch!  She still smiled though.  Happy little sucker.

Jump Rope Zipline

Another day she wrapped the kids’ bedroom door and perched on the large bow in the middle.  Batman was pretty impressed by that one!

Wrapped the Door

She looked pretty happy sitting there on that ribbon. Well, except for the bondage-style arm ties.  (I read about those in a book).

There she Sits

One day she gathered up a whole bunch of the kids’ stuffed animals and put them in Winston’s crate.  Apparently she was not aware that he often pees in there when he gets excited.   She locked the door and made the poor things listen to her read a story.

Reading to the Animals

The kids really, really loved this trick.  They arrived home from school to find sitting on their bed……a Christmas tree!

Sparkles was perched on top, and below she had provided both kid-friendly ornaments and two small strings of lights.

Batman and his sister had a ball decorating their very own tree, and now they enjoy looking at the lights at night while they fall asleep.  Or wrestle.

One day Sparkles must have been feeling lonely, because she took it upon herself to “make some friends.”

Making Friends

Her little marshmallow people were pretty cute.  I especially loved the hair.

In other Christmas news, Batman has finally stopped writing Santa letters.  In a transition apparently inspired by the Elf, he is now spending his time wrapping every empty box he can find in the house and putting them under the Christmas tree.  So far he has gone through four (or five, I lost count) rolls of office scotch tape and several different types of paper.

He’s very through.

Now that's some tape










His sister announced to me on the way to school this morning that she didn’t think she wanted horse stuff after all.  She wants a Baby Alive.

All I can say is that’s pretty unfortunate.

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6 thoughts on “Christmas 2012: The Elf “Makes Friends”

  1. David Duckett

    What fun it must be around your house!!

  2. Sandra

    Oh Paula, you make me laugh so hard with your Chronicles. I can imagine being there and what a “hoot” it would be! Thank you for sharing. You brighten up may days!!! Love, Sandy/Sam/Samantha…….

    • Oh Sandy I wish you were here too! When are you coming back???? I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. There is a little Christmas cheer headed your direction, by the way!
      PS I sure hope the package you sent the kids isn’t “shakeable-breakable” because it has gotten a real workout!

      • Sandra

        No, nothing breakable….just a bunch of funny “stocking stuffer” type stuff…more shells, etc. If you want to let them open it as a bribe, go ahead. Maybe you can set up a “beach” scene for Sparkles?! Love you all! Sandy

  3. Elliott Becki

    I get such a kick out of your blog. What will you think of next?

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