Winter Fun

We have had just a couple of skiffs of snow over the past two weekends, and the kids have taken full advantage of the chance to play outside.

Of course, they were properly dressed first (at least when I got the camera out).  I don’t know why Batman has his tongue sticking out.  He wouldn’t tell me, and after taking three more identical pictures I just went with it.

Brother is Ready

Annabelle was much more cooperative for the pre-snow photo.  On a side note, I am happy to report that after an hour or so of rolling around in the snow, her filthy riding jacket was so clean it looked *almost* like I had washed it. 

Sisters Ready Too

The event started with the obligatory snow angel.

Batman Angel

Batman was very pleased with his.

Batman is Proud

Sissie did one too.

Snow Angel

Since there wasn’t enough snow to do anything else the loving siblings then proceeded to chase each other around the yard and push each other down.  That’s how Annabelle’s coat got clean.

The Chase is On

THE END of Day One.

Day two of snowfall, this past weekend, offered just a teensy bit more snow, enough that the children felt obliged to make a snowman.

Since I was busy in the house, they had to do it all by themselves for the first time ever.

I was impressed they remembered how to roll the big snowballs.

Go Batman

They kept at it….. (Batman did a lot of managing)

getting Started

and finally got a two-tier snowman in place.  Annabelle did the decorating all by herself, which I thought was pretty impressive. 

Batman passed the time by looking for some change he dropped in the snow.  I’m just kidding. I really have no idea what he was doing.

Almost Finished

The finished product was pretty darn cute, if a little frowny faced.

The finished product

Later that day Batman and his father went duck hunting.  Are they just adorable or what?  I sure do love my boys.

The Hunters

The hunters apparently did hit one duck, but it fell in the water down a slope so steep that poor-old-man-hunting-dog Toby fell down and could not retrieve it, and Winston the maniacal-teenager-hunting-dog was too moronic inexperienced to go bring it back.  Ah well.

Happy Winter from Frosty!

Mr. Snowman

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