The Coolest Mom Ever!

I mentioned in my blog yesterday that the kids had enjoyed a “Snow Day” after last week’s big storm when all of the valley schools were closed.  What I didn’t mention was that the reason they enjoyed it so much was because of the heroic efforts of Miss Torrie, who is Batman’s pre-school teacher and also undoubtedly the coolest mom in the world.

Miss Torrie’s subdivision sports a long hill that in the summertime ends in a drainage area for the irrigation waters.

On a snowy day, though, the hill is an awesome source of fun for any kid who is lucky enough to have a sled and some snow pants.

And in our case, Miss Torrie.


When the school closure announcements came over the television that morning, it wasn’t ten minutes before I got a text from Miss Torrie telling me that I was welcome to bring Annabelle over with Batman, since the kids were going to play in the snow.

That worked out great for me, since I had a webinar to attend that day and I figured that Annabelle would have more fun spending time with the other kids than trying to peel me out of my office chair as I sat for a two hour lecture.

Play in the snow around here means that the kids go outside, usually by themselves, and try to make a snowman or pelt each other with snowballs.  If they are lucky that day, (and my kids are certainly luckier than most) Grandpa Vernon will get out his four-wheeler and pull them around the property on their sled.  I try to avoid actual snow involvement if possible, preferring to stalk the children with my camera and take pictures of them trying to entertain themselves.

Miss Torrie’s is a whole other story.  Little did I know that “playing in the snow” at her house means loading up a dozen or so kids and driving them to the snow hill down the street, then supervising them for the entire morning, taking awesome pictures while caring for ages three to thirteen and still getting in a few sled runs herself. 

Lunch was a quick run back to the house for pizza delivery, then the kids were loaded back up in the car for another few hours of sledding.

Racin' with the big dogs

And pictures of such a fun day I was sorry I had missed it.

the ride

This is Annabelle with little Miss A, our friend that comes to visit us a few afternoons a month.  Isn’t she darling?


The kids had the best snow day ever, even when Annabelle got wiped out by a strange boy and ended up with a black and blue lip and a sore mouth. She righted her hat and kept on going.

He looks sorry, doesn’t he?

annabelle after getting wiped out

Zach had a little accident himself and ended up with a bloody nose.  Poor little buddy.  He even had a real tear.

the nose bleed

He was fine and right back at it again within minutes though.


Most of the gang assembled for a group photo.  Pretty impressive undertaking, Miss T.

the gang

When I arrived to pick up the kids, they were all just arriving back at the house.   It was 4 p.m. 

Miss Torrie fed everyone a snack, then she had to deal with this.

The After-math

The kids were exhausted and oh-so-happy when we got home.  Miss Torrie is my hero.

She wouldn’t even let me pay for the kids’ pizza.


Thanks for all the awesome photos, Miss Torrie……I know where I’m heading the next snow day!

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One thought on “The Coolest Mom Ever!

  1. Paula your words are too kind, thank you!!!! It seems we think the same of each other. You’re kids are 2 of the luckiest kids….I mean horse rides, pony rides, blowout parties, 4-wheelers, hunting with dad –
    what more could a kid want . You take the cake paula my dear. I am also pretty lucky for having the privelage to care for your kids. 🙂

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