Where the Wild Things Go

Somewhere around the middle of November the Direct TV service in Batman’s room quit working.  I tried all the usual fixes: unplugging it; resetting the box according to the directions on the screen; plugging and unplugging the cables.  Nothing worked.  The screen was plagued by a bouncing Direct TV image that informed us the receiver was unable to talk to the satellite.

I was busy, and truthfully I thought that Nickelodeon and the Animal Planet could use a break from Batman’s devoted attention, so I didn’t get around to calling for repairs right away.

In fact I didn’t get around to calling for repairs for almost two months.  I finally got a chance to call last week, and the first available service appointment was today.  That worked out well, since the kids have the day off from school and we could be home waiting during the four-hour window of our appointment time.

The technician arrived bright and early and went right to work. 

He checked the receiver.  It was fine.

He checked the satellite and that was fine. 

He checked the cable to the satellite and that was fine too. 

He was admittedly puzzled.

Finally he came back into the house and together we pulled the little dresser that the TV sits on away from the wall.  The nice technician picked up a few stray DVD’s that had fallen behind the big old TV, and with a clear path he shown his flashlight into the dark corner.

This is what he saw.

Dug a hole

A gentle pull on the cable that ran out through the wall to the outside world revealed this:

a lone wire

I guess we now know two things:

1:  Where Batman’s hamster Wampstey was hanging out until Sparkles the Elf  found her and convinced her to go back to her cage, and  

2:  Hamster’s have VERY strong teeth.

Oh, and maybe a third thing. 

Wamstey doesn’t like Nickelodeon or the Animal Planet.

As the technician bid me adieu and walked out the front door he said, more to himself than to me, “I really think I’ve seen everything now.”

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