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Christmas 2012: The Final Countdown

It has been an extremely busy week around here in Whoville.  Sparkles is apparently getting a little tired from flying back and forth each night to the North Pole, and her antics have slowed down a bit from their start of-the-season fervor.

She did find time to pull my “special” (read:  extra-large) wine glass from the china hutch and sit in it.

At least I hope she was only sitting in it.

In my special glass

She helped us to remember when it was time to clean the “skinny pig” cage by donning gloves and a tiny little gas mask which turned out to be a Hello Kitty band-aid.  That elf has something about band aids.

Unfortunately, the hint was lost on the children.  Batman and his darling little friend Ainsleigh, who was over for a play date, simply removed the gloves carefully (without touching Sparkles and risking the ensuing loss of flight) and spent the rest of the afternoon playing doctor. Not kidding.

Ready to Clean

Always one for decorating, Sparkles added another touch to the children’s bedroom with the addition of a string of Santa lights to the bunk bed.

Decorated Bunk Bed

She was perched on the top rung of the bed, sitting atop Santa’s shoulders. If he had had shoulders, that is.

With santa light

She sat on the mantle.

On the mantle

And hula hooped.

Sparkles Hula hoops

And one particularly busy day she parked herself in a large vase of flowers.  Where she sat all day long,

In the Flowers

The children were extremely alarmed when they awoke the next morning for school to discover Sparkles in EXACTLY THE SAME SPOT.  Luckily I knew enough about elf-lore to explain to them that, on occasion, an elf will just return to same spot the next morning if he or she found that spot particularly comfortable.

That seemed to satisfy them.

We’ve enjoyed two school recitals this week.  Batman played Rudolph in his pre-school play.  It was pretty darn cute.  Don’t you just love the matching outfits?

Zach's Program

Annabelle sang and danced in her kindergarten program.  I commend the kindergarten teachers, who not only taught sixty kids a half-dozen songs in both English and Spanish, but provided costumes for each child and taught them an elaborate dance routine as well.

All lined up

It was awesome.

Annabelle's xmas program

One of the kids’ favorite activities was the Christmas party at Batman’s school, which Annabelle was privileged to attend as well. The kids all enjoyed a visit from Santa, who gave them the most perfect gifts.

Annabelle got the Baby Alive she had added to her list at the very last moment.

Sissie and Santa

And Batman got a toy hunting rifle that fires little foam darts.

Batman and Santa

He was over the moon.

Batman Rifle

A big thank you to Miss Torrie for the awesome Christmas program and for putting on such a great party for the kids.  She continually amazes me with her dedication, creativity and generosity.

As if that wasn’t enough for one week, yesterday we had my favorite Christmas activity of all.

The Christmas visit with the big sissies.

It was a day of mishaps for me.  I forgot to buy the green beans (we had plenty of food anyway), dropped a brand new (open)  bottle of O.P.I. “Big Apple Red” nail polish on our white bedroom carpet (it came completely out with hairspray, rubbing alcohol and water – who knew?), burned the brownie snowman to a fragrant crisp (luckily I had another mix of gingerbread on hand),and forgot to add two cubes of butter to the corn casserole (it turned out fine anyway).

But that all pales in comparison to forgetting to take a group photo of the beautiful sissies while they were here.  I would say “what was I thinking?” but obviously I wasn’t.

I did get a picture of the roast beast.  It really was delicious, if I do say so myself.

Roast Beast

And of the Frosty gingerbread cake (which was the third one I made this week, you’d think I‘d get it right!).

Frosty Cake

I got a picture of the cousins, all wearing their finest Groucho Christmas mustaches.

Groucho cousins

It was a fun afternoon with food and family, original and adopted, and my picture digression was partially saved by this wonderful gift from the big Sissies.  I have to say this is the coolest present I have ever gotten.

Such a Cool Gift

I just love those girls!

As for today, Christmas Eve, we awoke to a final communication from Santa, delivered via the ever-present elf, Sparkles.


I removed the letter from her felty little arms, and read it to the children.  It went something like “Remember that I am still watching you today.  Be good.  And go to bed early.  And don’t get out of bed or I will skip your house.”

I have displayed the letter prominently on the refrigerator as a friendly reminder to the children.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

For all to See

As for the rest of the day, Annabelle and I are headed out for a quick ride this morning.  Batman is watching deer hunting videos with DH, and this afternoon we will pack up and head over to Eagle for another family gathering.  The family get-togethers are truly my favorite part of Christmas.

So until tomorrow…..just remember……..

The big man arrives

he’s still watching!

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