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A Dead Horse and the Snow Cat

After my sort-of-whiny post the other day about our long stretch of cold weather, a friend of mine called to empathize with me.  She said that she was getting sick of being inside too, and was making plans to leave the valley for a couple of days for a change of scenery.  Then she said something that really resonated with me:

“Sometimes you have to make your own change.”

Wow.  So simple yet so true.  I decided right then that I would embrace these chilly days of weather in any way I could.

Yesterday morning presented the perfect opportunity.  With temperatures outside  hovering right around zero and lots of humidity lingering in the air, everything in sight was absolutely covered in heavy frost.  It made for some awesome photo opportunities, so as soon as the sun started to peek out from under the haze I put on my snow boots, grabbed my camera, and headed out the front door to try to capture some of the beauty.

The animals were thrilled to have me out and about with them, and they bounced happily around as I crunched through the snow taking pictures of everything in sight.

The first volunteer for my impromptu photo session was Annabelle’s little cat, Ava.  I was sort of surprised when she came bounding over the snow toward me, since Annabelle is really the only person in the family she likes.

But bound she did.

She ran over to one of the fruit trees in the front orchard and sat playing with the frost that drifted lazily down from the tree branches.

Falling Snow

Winston-The-Maniac-Teenage-Birddog helped me out with the next part.  He raced over toward the vulnerable grounded cat and left Ava no place to go but up the frosty tree.

Wheres the Cat

She climbed up and walked carefully along the slippery branches, stopping every now and then to look around at the goings-on.

Frosty Cat in Tree

Eventually she jumped down from that tree and hopped through the snow to the tree next door.

She climbed up and sat for a long time peering down at me as the sky slowly brightened behind her.

Avie in Tree

After awhile she got down and ran away, with Winston in hot pursuit.

The rest of us meandered down the road to the horse pens, and I saw a sight that nearly took my breath away.

Is she dead....

My pretty little bay mare, Spice, was lying in the snow, completely motionless.  Her mouth was slightly open, and I could see her teeth shining through her gaping lips.

I really thought she was dead.

I watched for a few moments, and after a bit I could see her flanks gently heaving. She was just sound asleep.

As the dogs and Ava and I continued our ambling photo shoot, the next place Winston chased Ava was to the top of the post above the dog kennel.  She actually spends a lot of time up there.

I guess she likes the view.

Cat on Post

We wandered down the lane and toward the front of the property.  I wanted to get a shot of the chain link fence covered in frost.

Frosty Chainlink

Along the way I stopped for a picture of the snowy pasture.

Snowy Pasture

We headed back up toward the house with our ancient schnauzer Maddie slowly leading the way.

Maddie Snowy Road

I got a photo of Toby-The-Old-Man-Dog sniffing around the front yard.  I really don’t know what he was expecting to find in all that snow.

Old Dog in the Snow

I took some pictures of driftwood and bushes…..remember the “Flying Pig” from our Stanley camping trip?

Flying Pig in Snow

A couple of the big trees in the front yard looked pretty against the blue sky.

Frosty in Blue

And I loved this cool shot of the same tree from the other side with the sun shining through it.

Frosty Tree

It was pretty amazing to me that during  the hour I was outside the light changed so dramatically, and the hue of the sky varied completely depending on the direction of my camera lens.  It was so engrossing that I never even felt the cold.  Mother Nature sure is a fantastic artist.

Embrace the moment, my friends.

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First Day of Spring…..Sledding?

Yesterday was the first day of spring, but you wouldn’t know that by looking out our back door.  This is what the view was like by mid-morning.  The pastures and trees were covered in a couple of inches of snow.

Snowy Landscape

The little baby tulips by the barn were frozen.

Tulips in Snow

Nothing was safe from the sticky white stuff.

Jumpy in Snow

At about noon Aunt Susie called and invited us to a sledding party. Yippee!

We headed over to her and Uncle Lonnie’s after the kids finished pre-school.

First we got the four wheelers out of the garage.

Susan and Annie

Then Uncle Lonnie attached sleds to the back of each of them.

Lonnie Prepares

We loaded up and the fun began!

First the kids rode together.

Kids go By

Then by themselves.

Zach Flies By

Annabelle Alone

The only sound to be heard over the whine of the four wheeler engines was “Faster!  Faster!  Faster!  Let’s go faster!”  These kids are little adrenaline junkies!

After awhile the cousins arrived and joined in the fun.  It was twice as much fun with four of them.  Even Potus the Beagle joined in a for a  few laps.

All The Kids

When we first started it was pretty snowy, but as the afternoon wore on it became increasingly muddy.

Annabelle didn’t care.

Annabelle on Belly

I am sure I had as much fun riding the four wheeler as the kids did being pulled behind it.  Zach bailed off the sled about halfway through to ride on the front with me.

Mm and Kids in Mud

When we finally called it quits two hours later we were shocked by how dirty Annabelle was.

Annabelle in Mud

She was a pretty good sport, but I think she was really really cold.

We all went inside and Aunt Susie made us hot cocoa and pizza for dinner.

On the car ride home Zach said “Aunt Susie is a good girl, isn’t she mom?”  I said “Yes, she is. She’s a very good girl.”

He thought for a moment.  “She’s a really special girl isn’t she mom?”


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