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Aunt Susie Rides Again!

This past weekend we got the opportunity to take my sister, who the kids call Aunt Susie, out for a trail ride.

This would not be notable but for two reasons:  1)  Aunt Susie has never ridden with us before, and 2) In fact, Aunt Susie hasn’t been on a horse at all for several years.

Girls and Horses

Despite the somewhat diabolical look on Annabelle’s face in this picture, she had been looking forward to this day for a whole week.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, she loves to show off her horsemanship skills.

And she didn’t mind sharing Grumpy with Aunt Susie.

We did get a cute picture of her and Reno before we took off.

Annabelle Reno

We headed on down the trail.  We were riding at Eagle Island State Park, a location bordered by a river on both sides (oh, I guess that’s why they call it Eagle ISLAND, huh? I’m a genius!) and very prone to wet riding conditions.

We survived an attack by some huge rabid flying bats down on the south shore of the river. Okay, they were gnats, but they were really large.  The horses freaked out and I almost got dumped.  But we made it through and on to a water crossing.

Now, Annabelle loves nothing more than a good water crossing.  She forces her mount to walk through any available water even if there is a good three feet stretch of dry ground beside the water to walk on instead.  It’s the point of the matter with her.

This made her very happy.

Grumpy and Aunt Susie also managed with aplomb.  In fact, Aunt Susie acted like she and Grumpy had been partners for years.  Annabelle was impressed.

Water Crossing

Once we were through the water crossing it was a snap from there.

Of course we had to stop in the tree tunnel, which is my favorite photo spot of all time, and take about a hundred pictures of each other before we could continue.

Annabelle Susie Tunnel

Annabelle gets really tired of me taking her picture so much.  She is a good sport, but if it looks like she is smiling she is actually just saying “cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese” over and over again hoping I will give up and start riding again.

Mom Annabelle Close tunnel

Then we were on the last leg.  I love these “walking-behind” pictures.

Walking away

When we got back Annabelle insisted on un-tacking her own horse.  She is a hand, that girl.

Annabelle Haltering

We had lots of fun riding with Aunt Susie, and we are glad she is back in the saddle again.

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Horses Can’t Read


Flat Trail

Saturday was a big day for Horsecrazy Annabelle.  We had a big trail ride planned with some friends.  Annabelle had never been out on a long ride with a group before, and we were going to a totally new  place to ride, so she was excited.

She loves to show off her skills. She was also hoping we would get to see a herd of wild horses, since we would be on the Hard Trigger Wild Horse Preserve during the ride.

We got up early and loaded the horses for the drive to the BLM Wilson Creek area south of Marsing.  It was supposed to be a really nice spring day, but it was a little colder than we expected. 

The horses were fresh.

The terrain was a little rougher than Annabelle had ridden before.

Rocky Point

But she handled it just fine.

Grump Rocks

We stopped to take a  few pictures.

Paula Annie Sagebrush

About halfway in to the ride the girls wanted to trot their horses.  We were up for the challenge, and off we went.  Two of the horses got way in front of us, and we were left quite a ways behind with my friend T.  T’s horse started to become very agitated because she wanted to lope and catch up with the other horses.  T made her trot.

Suddenly the (expensive, professionally trained show horse) mare started bucking like a saddle bronc right in the middle of the trail.  I mean really bucking.  I scanned the rocky ground where they whirled and wished that I had medical supplies instead of beef jerky and licorice in my saddle pack.  Or at least a flask of whiskey.

And I realized that T’s horse had not paid attention to her rider’s choice of attire that morning:

The Perfect Shirt

The shirt was so cute and fit T so perfectly that I had to take a picture of it.  This is before the ride.

T eventually regained control of her beautiful, expensive, professionally trained show horse and we headed on down the trail.  Horses can be so silly. 

T was a good sport about it.  She said “Who would have thought Annabelle could have handled speed better than I could?!”

The rest of the ride was accomplished peacefully.  Annabelle and Grump forded three small streams without a hiccup. We climbed steep hills and slid down embankments a little muddied by the spring rains.

All the while Annabelle munched on beef jerky and red licorice.  Guess I was a good thing I had them.

Grumpy and Rocks

We had lots of fun and can’t wait to go back to Wilson Creek.  Annabelle is sure we will see some wild horses next time.

Mom HC Wilson

As for me, the question I have long wondered has been answered.

Horses CAN’T read.

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