Easter Comes Early…….For The Dogs

Yesterday was a rather cool spring day for this time of year.  When I picked the kids up from pre-school at noon I was trying to think of something to do with them for the afternoon that didn’t involve spending the entire afternoon outside, as most of our endeavors tend to do.

I came up with the perfect idea.  On the way home we stopped at the Super Wal-Mart, and picked up some Easter egg dye. Each child got to pick their own design.

The kids were very excited when we got home.

Boxes of Dye

They didn’t want to wait for the eggs to cook.  But I made them.

Eggs in Pan

When the eggs were finally done we cooled them off.

I only put this picture in because I thought it looked so cool…..like it was black and white, though it wasn’t.  It also made my kitchen sink look super shiny.  It wasn’t either.

Cooling the Eggs

While the eggs had been cooking to a perfect hard-boil, I set up the egg coloring station.

all Set Up

I admit it.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I watched the front walkway surreptitiously for the presenters of the “Mother of the Year Award.”  Yep, I was good.

The kids colored their eggs.

Zach concentrates

They are such angels.

Annabelle Waits

I sighed with happiness.  What a perfect pre-holiday afternoon.

The eggs turned out perfectly.  Oh, what a day.

Better Winners

The kids got their Easter (as far as they knew) baskets, filled them carefully with the colored eggs and headed outside so I could hide them.

It was little bright for Zach.

Notice Annabelle’s blue hand.  She wasn’t big on the little wire thingy you are supposed to use to get the eggs out of the dye.

Zach Squints

I hid the eggs artfully.

Egg in Log

Egg in Tree

The kids made a cursory hunt for the eggs, then they saw Grandpa Vernon across the lawn.  They abandoned all unfound eggs.  They ran for him.

Run to Vernon

They love Vernon more than me.

Vernon and Eggs

We all visited for awhile, then, content that the Mother of the Year Award was still well within my grasp, I went into the house to clean up the egg mess.

The kids stayed outside to hide the eggs for each other.  They were very quiet.  I went out to see what they were doing.

I saw this.

Zach Peels

I knew my beloved Batman was doing one of two things.  But as I drew closer, I saw that he didn’t need his pull up changed.

Zach Peels 2

He was peeling and eviscerating the eggs.  One by one.

Zach's Bucket

My perfectly cooked, carefully colored and artfully photographed eggs.  All in a little, torn up pile in the bottom of his little Halloween/Easter basket.

His sister was doing the same thing.  Her pieces were even smaller.

Bucket of Eggs

I sighed to myself.  The Mother of the Year Committee was not going to like this.

I told the kids to go and dump the eggs into the outside trash, so we wouldn’t have to smell them, and, more importantly, I wouldn’t have to see the sad, desecrated remains of my pre-Easter celebration staring me in the face.

I went back in the house.

I didn’t see the kids over near the dumpster.  I went out the back door to check on them again.

This is what I saw.

Feeding the Dogs

My two little angelic youngsters were crouched beside the back yard fence.  Through which they were feeding the eggs to the dogs.  My thoughtfully planned, carefully colored eggs.  TO. THE. DOGS.

The dogs looked very happy.

I just turned and walked away.

And had one thought.

I sure am glad I am not the one the dogs sleep with at night.

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5 thoughts on “Easter Comes Early…….For The Dogs

  1. imawranglerfan

    Annabelle’s blue hand looks like she is morphing into an oompaloompa!!! HaHaHa

    Looks like they had a blast!!!

  2. Shane

    Very cute! I would have to hide the eggs over and over and over for Tanner and I’m think’n my husband liked to look for them too! He would always say..”let’s do it again!” For Tanner of course! yea right!

  3. Michele

    I laughed so hard! That is what Aubrey would have done too! She loves cracking and peeling eggs… At least you got yours colored first! Hahaha! Last night I put 18 eggs on to boil and… Promptly forgot about them. Remembered about an hour later. (This was after putting the kid to bed so I was busy getting the post kid house picked up.) No Mother of the year awards here either! But you know it was all about how much fun they had anyway. What’s a couple bucks worth of eggs compared to that?? And that doesn’t even consider how happy the dogs were! I wouldn’t give up on that award just yet if I were you!

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