Summer Fun

We have had some beautiful weather here lately, and the kids are convinced that summer has truly arrived.  We kicked off our summer vacation this week with a trip to Settler’s Park in Meridian, where we met Miss Torrie and some of the other kids from pre-school.

The park has a beautiful play area, and the kids started out with flying high in the swings.

Annabelle Swings High

Batman proceeded in a somewhat more conservative manner.

Zach Swings

There was a lovely slide and play set in the park too, but what the kids were really excited about was the Splash Pad, a water attraction featuring all sorts of nautical themed water fountains and play areas.

When the park workers turned the water on, Batman and Annabelle stripped down immediately and headed for the fun.

Our kids were not the only ones who were excited about the Splash Pad.  The place was packed.

Lots of People

After we played in the water for awhile, we were delighted to welcome Aunt Mel and Cousin Benson, who had come straight over when Benson got out of kindergarten. Aren’t they so cute?

Mel and Benson

The kids played and played in the water.  They stood several times under a big pretend mast that dumped water in unpredictable increments when the “sails” got full. Every time the sails dumped the water they screamed and dived out of the way.

Waiting for the Water

Batman carefully observed the “NO RUNNING” rule that I explained to him approximately forty-two times during the visit.

Zach Runs

As did his sister……….

Annaabelle Runs

And his cousin.

Benson Runs

It really wasn’t all that warm the day we went to the park, so the kids had to take a few breaks to warm up.  The new towels they got from Aunt Melody at pre-school graduation sure came in handy.

Annabelle in Towel

Of course, as with all things, Batman had his own opinion of how to address the situation.

Zach Warms Up

And, as with all events, Batman was mainly there for the food.


But everyone knows that Superheroes cannot live by Cheetos alone, so eventually we made our way to the snack shop for snow cones.

Batman assumed his position back on the towel. 

Zach SnowCone

While Annabelle and Benson settled in on one of the rocks in the climbing area. Benson “cheered” with his snow cone as soon as he saw the camera.  My kind of kid!

A&B On Rock

We all gathered back on the grass for a bit to visit before we headed home.  The cousins had so much fun playing together.  We can’t wait to do it again!

All Three Cousins

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